We are in a rush every second and stopping by for making a very silly wish of someone true can bring a wide smile on their face and make you feel like a fairy with that Magic wand.

This is an extension to my first blog .I have to take you back to the same street of Pondy Bazaar in Chennai again to talk about this incident . Visiting that street was quiet common whenever someone visits us from our home city and say the word "shopping " . A cousin brother was visiting us and wanted to do some last minute shopping before he flies next day for work .

While walking on that street as usual we had many following us for money . The people who were with me were rushing through to finish their last minute shopping before the shops close . While we were in front of a small shop an almost 8 year old girl who live in those streets came near me and asked for money . As always I said "I will not give you money . What else would you like to have from this shop ?" I was standing in front of a small shop and I knew I did not have much time to wait in a restaurant to buy food for them, which I actually prefer . She looked at the shop eagerly and in a split second she said " Can you buy me a coke ? " . People around us including the shopkeeper laughed . Some of them looked at her as if she was asking for a fortune . And I could see couple of them from the passing crowd stopped to see my response.

A can of coke sound silly to us . But I could see she had been wishing for it for days . Even if she had earned quiet a good amount a day I am sure she would not have spent that on a can of coke as that would sound like a luxury for them even though it's like an every day affair for many .Most of you would be wondering a Coke ,  really ? That's not healthy ! Would you buy it for your kid ? You should have bought a glass of fresh juice instead . But at that moment all I could see was a strong wish and urge to have something which she wanted for days and I could see the desire in her eyes . She would have seen many walking on that street drinking it . She would have wondered what that  bright red can tasted like whenever she crossed those shops .I bought a can of coke and handed it over to her . She was excited and I could see her eyes were gleaming with joy .

The happiness on her face filled my heart and soul . The way she thanked me and the excitement of getting a wish fulfilled can never be forgotten. This made me feel like a fairy with that magic wand for a moment. 

Many times a wish of someone might sound silly for you but they would be waiting for that moment or day when it would come true.Around us we can see many wishes that can be easily fulfilled which might sound silly to us .It can be your grandmother's wish to visit a new theme park or watch a 4D cinema to know what is it like or your father's wish to learn how to play that new PS4 game you bought . It can be your mom's wish to learn how to use Facebook or how to search for the new cooking videos on You tube. Let us fulfill those silly wishes to spread joy around us and within us.

Make a wish foundation is a wonderful group of volunteers who does a noble deed making the wishes of kids with terminal diseases true .They believe in the power of healing by fulfilling a wish . Many wishes includes owning a play station , visiting Disney land , owning an iPhone 6 . Seeing the list we might wonder why can't they spend money on treatment instead .The fact is 'sometimes all you want in life is to have that one wish come true and you would survive the rest'
Its red roses , hearts , red balloons and love quotes everywhere . Happy Valentine’s day to each and every soul who believe in love !

This day is quiet popular among the current generation including me . I have been hearing about this day right from when I have heard love. But there are still people of my age and who are older than me or younger than me who believe that saying “ I love you" is a shame and celebrating a day for love is unnecessary. Some even say “You don’t have to wait till Valentine ’s Day to show how much they mean to you” .

A couple I know had been crazily in love with each other for years. They lived together for more than a decade understanding , loving and caring  for each other . As married life moved forward and kids and bills took center stage they somehow maintained the contentment and looked forward for their time together . As kids grew and got settled they got more time to spend with each other but they wanted less time together. In years they had fallen into a routine that both of them concluded this is how it is going to be for the rest of their life . Regular tiffs , misunderstandings and venting out grew them apart . I wondered what went wrong “ How can love die?". Then I realized “ Love did not die . It’s their desire to keep the love alive which died ."

In every married life initially husband feels good when wife cooks for you or do your laundries . Wife feels loved when husband eats whatever she cooks with a smile, takes her out , buy things for her . They find happiness in every small thing they do for each other and in initial years there is always a first time of doing things together or for each other which keeps them happy and content . As years passes all those become routines , duties and responsibilities  and they start treating each others as possessions . Sex starts taking back seat in years. Eventually if you don’t find ways the spark dies and you fall out of love . Life just moves on for the rest of the years either with arguments or silence when you realise arguments doesn’t help much .

If a day in a year would help us to do something special which we had not been doing rest of the year to bring those butterflies back in your stomach and love back to your life . Why not ? If a red rose can bring a smile on the face which we had yearned to look at ,  why not ? If a candle light dinner and “ I love you" can make your love alive for a day and rest of your life vibrant, why not ?

I agree to all who say this day is not a part of our culture ! But if a day in a year can change the routine in your relationship . Why Not ?

Requoting One among the many quotes which I read today . “ Happy Valentines day to all those who are waiting to be taken , almost taken , taken , taken for granted , assumed to be taken and those who aren’t taken seriously . “

Let us not let the love in us die ! Let us grow old gracefully in love so that the ones coming behind us look forward for it .