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After moving away from the home country Skype calls once a while with mom brings me more news than watching a news channel or from all those news spreaders on social media . I know you would have already thought “Gossips”. It is gossips for sure. But Gossips about this world, “The News”. Unfortunately, all those disturbing ones. She is one among those many women whose heart goes out to the crying actress in TV soaps as well as bribe God with candles and what not to have the culprit of Jisha Rape case, or any other,  behind the bars.

On a busy weekday morning amidst of my email responses I was on a call with my mom. After the usual pleasantries mom started her advices on how careful I should be about my almost 4-year-old daughter. She said I should make sure she is never away from my sight. “Do not trust anyone with your daughter even if it is your close friend or family no matter what their age is” she said, and so on and so forth. Such conversations always sent chills down my spine. I shrugged myself out of it and told her she is never out of my sight.

Coming from a country where molestations, rape, physical assaults and acid attacks is another news I keep restricting my daughter like many other moms in the country. I doubt whether my “No-s” have made her a much less social person. I always tell her “Never without Mummy “. I am sometimes scared whether I am teaching my daughter not to believe anyone.

Coming back from my thoughts I realized my mom is still talking how worried she gets. “You just find reasons to get worried “, I said scrolling through my emails. She said in a very upset tone that she hasn’t slept after a recent event in the neighborhood. A 6-year-old girl was repeatedly molested by an old neighbor. I shrieked out of disgust. She was telling how it happened and how the family came to know about it. All I wanted to know was whether the devil was behind the bars. “Yes he is" replied mom followed by a deep sigh .

I had a disturbing day and waited to share it with my husband on the dinner table after which we both looked at our playing daughter. Next day morning we had an office party for kids at my husband’s workplace. Balloon bending, face painting, popcorn stations, bouncy castles. All those that kids would enjoy. My daughter love balloon. A Balloon would just make her happy and excited. We were stepping in to the hall and a guy was doing balloon bending at the entrance. He came very close to my daughter bending balloons to impress her as he did with the other kids who is still following him for more. But unfortunately, it bursted from his hand. She was frightened with him close to her and the bursting sound that she started crying hysterically. We moved away from there and distracted her with all other fun stuffs around. She enjoyed the rest of the day, but whenever someone stands next to her with balloons she cried with fear. I understood it had hit her hard. A stranger close to her face with a bursting balloon was too much for her to handle. The fear in her eyes reminded me of the 6-year-old girl who went through the trauma. If a balloon burst can do that to my daughter I couldn’t imagine what the little girl would be going through.

It took a lot of time and effort for me to make my daughter comfortable around a balloon again. When someone twists a balloon, or bang it hard she still comes and hugs me hard. Every time she does that I think of you, “my princess".I  hope time would heal everything you have gone through. I pray your parents be successful in comforting you , giving you strength and making you believe in this world again. Around all those wolves and devils there are still a few human beings who knows to respect trust and love. I pray you only meet those few in the rest of your life and you still make a lot of new childhood memories .