She was happy to find out she is going to be a mother soon but did not know what she is supposed to do or not for a healthy baby . She did not have a family around to guide her .She asked her husband "Shouldn't we visit a doctor ? " He was equally naive and puzzled . They were too young and were staying away from family as it was their choice to live together against the wishes of their family . She wished she could ask her mother what she should do . He was lost in his own thoughts. While leaving for work he said "I will enquire about the doctor ."

He saw a family friend on the way home . " My wife is expecting . Can you suggest a good doctor ?" he asked . The man thought for a while and said he will get back to him . The next day they were taken to a doctor by the man who does private practice after her working hours in a government hospital . She went inside the doctor's room alone when he and the man waited outside . "Are you sure about this ?" doctor asked her . "You are too young and weak for this ." She started getting nervous and started thinking " Am I too young to become a mother?"

Doctor continued " Abortion is quiet risky for your age and I would not recommend it." She was shocked and did not know what to say . She thought for a minute and said with all innocence " Doctor , he might have taken this decision because we stay alone and away from family . Can I talk to him for a minute please ."She called him inside the doctor's room and took him to a corner and hushed " Doctor is saying the abortion can be risky ". He was surprised and asked " Abortion ? What do you mean ? No I never said that ." They both were confused and told the doctor they will come back later giving it a thought . They came out and found out that man who brought them there was gone . They could not make out what was happening . He started getting really worried about their future as he was already struggling to make the ends meet and wanted to earn more to cover delivery expenses as well . 

" I need a better job " He told her the next day . "Someone I know has offered to help me out to find one . I might have to go out of the city for a few days ." She was frightened about staying alone in this condition but thought about a better living and future of their baby and agreed.

He left and months passed. She did not hear from him for long . She believed he would come back even when others said he wouldn't . She diverted her thoughts to her baby . "I want my baby sound and healthy and I should stay brave for her ." She told herself whenever she lost hope . A few relatives started helping her when they found out she was pregnant and alone. She was admitted in the hospital on her due date even though the pain did not start. She was perturbed about the increasing hospital expense with each passing day as all she got was the money she raised by selling a part of her gold chain . After what she felt like eternity she finally had her baby in her hands which washed half of her worries. She decided she would stay strong for the baby . 

She went back to the same house where they lived and insisted on staying there even when her relatives asked her to live with them . She said " When he comes back I want him to find us where he left us." She stayed strong and survived with the help of many good hearts . Her mom and siblings visited her and supported her without letting her father know .  

The baby turned 6 months . One evening she was talking to the lady next door while the kids next door was playing with the baby . She saw someone very familiar walking from a distance . She wanted to believe her eyes and heart as the person started coming closer . He walked past her and went inside her house and straight to the cradle to find it empty .When he turned she was staying behind him . " She is next door " She said without taking her eyes off from him . He looked exhausted and terrible .Looking at him she knew he has equally struggled . They started where they left a year back with more love and the love of their life for a happily ever after. While holding the baby he was happy that she fought through it and stayed brave.

I love you mom for bringing me into this beautiful world when you had a choice to decide otherwise
I love you mom for all those struggles you went through to stand by that choice
I love you mom for smiling at my first cry when you were unsure of where we were heading to
I love you mom for choosing to fight all odds with hope when none believed there was any 
I love you mom for being the best mom and setting my goals of a mom high
I love you mom for sharing your regrets so that I do not miss all what you missed in life
I love you mom for believing in me when I don't believe in myself 
I love you mom for still worrying about my health,hair and skin 
I love you mom for pampering me whenever I reach home for it 
I love you mom for being a compassionate human being and showing me what caring for world is
I love you mom for being a fighter in life as I learnt not to give up from you 
I love you mom for those tears on my wedding day it made me realize what you were letting go
I love you mom for being what you are and you will stay as best forever no matter what.
Happy mother's day to all those beautiful ladies who has a mother in them . You need not carry a baby in your hands to be a mother . If you have a heart with selfless love you have a mother in you . Salute to all single moms who are indeed super moms !